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Cosmos was created by those who rallied under a single conviction: application-specific blockchain is the future of blockchain.

Fueled by the secure and easily deployable IBC (The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol), the Cosmos ecosystem achieved explosive growth in its early years. Successful AppChains have been built to serve millions of users, with more being built even as of now.

Cosmos is a network of sovereign blockchains, and a single token like $ATOM alone cannot accurately capture a network's value. What the Cosmonauts need is an asset that directly represents the leading projects of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Introducing IBCX, the Interchain Basket of Coins.


A Fully-Collateralized
Index Token
Curated & Composed of
Leading Cosmos Coins

Powered by ION DAO

Portfolio Asset Allocation
and Future Rebalancings
Governed by the Community

Diverse Zones All in One Basket

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    AMM of the
    Cosmos Ecosystem

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    OSMO is the first native token of Osmosis which has been regarded as the most notable AMM(Automated Market Maker) DEX in Cosmos.

    Users can stake their OSMO to participate in governance and earn from LP pools. Some pools support SuperFluid staking, which provides additional rewards on top of conventional LP rewards.

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    The First of Thousands of
    Interconnected Blockchains

    $ATOM is for the Cosmos Hub, the first of thousands of interconnected blockchains that will eventually comprise the Cosmos Network.

    Currently, $ATOM has three use cases besides its symbolic value: spam prevention, staking tokens, and voting mechanisms in governance. After ATOM 2.0, the token will soon be strengthened as the center of Cosmos.

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    Smart Contract Network

    JUNO is the native asset of Juno Network, a decentralized, public, and permissionless network that lets users deploy and use cross-chain smart contracts.

    Not only does JUNO provide holders the access to governance but it's also used as a gas token for transactions and deployment. Total supply of JUNO entered the market at its genesis, and it's not inflationary.

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    Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM)
    Hub on the Cosmos Network

    EVMOS is the native token of Evmos, which brings Ethereum-based applications and assets to the Cosmos ecosystem.

    EVMOS lets holders participate in governance, distributes fees to validators and users, and is utilized as a gas token for the EVM smart contracts.

  • Enter Cosmos with IBCX

    A new index token value proposition
    Single Asset


    • IBCX

      Seamlessly diversify your Cosmos asset positions by holding the IBCX index token

    • Single Asset

      Limited exposure to a single Cosmos project


    • IBCX

      Manage from a single dashboard multiple collateral tokens

    • Single Asset

      Experience the burden of research and knowledge hurdle to make purchase decisions


    • IBCX

      Choose from multiple asset allocation strategies (e.g. liquid staking)

    • Single Asset

      Bear the time cost of creating your own strategies

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